processing night sessions @ altlab

processing night sessions

come and code @ altlab
wedsndays, september 2011
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processing night sessions is a multi-platform java programming environment whose aim is to simplify as much as possible the making of creative programs to those who find it hard to program. these sessions will move from introductory coding concepts to advanced interactions, tutoring on core subjects to allow you to execute your ideas into code. the sessions touch introduction to programming, oop (object oriented programming), 2d & 3d graphics programming, sound synthesis and analysis, image based interactions, physical computing communication, genetic algorithms, all gathered in introduction to simulations and games.

PROCESSING NIGHT SESSION # 1 – introduction programming / oop / drawing machines
PROCESSING NIGHT SESSION # 2 – particles / image / sound
PROCESSING NIGHT SESSION # 3 – video / physical computing
PROCESSING NIGHT SESSION # 4 – simulations / games

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