Skate.Exe – exhibition extension & media

Skate.Exe, solo exhibition by André Sier at Galeria Luis Serpa Projectos, curated by António Cerveira Pinto within the cycle “An eye for an eye, a mind for a mind”, which inaugurated on the 20th november 2014, has been extended until 16 january 2015.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, be sure to play and skate […]

TemporaryBabel2D – arcade stochastic physics game around libraries, tower of babel

Have you ever dreamed of all book shelves falling at you at the Library? All those readers, books and hyperskates cast from the Tower of Babel? Floating around in the midst of the knowledge hitting you and throwing you down? Do you have what it takes to reach the Library? To build the Tower? […]

Playwall @ Helder Alfaiate Galeria de Arte



Projecção interactiva de Arte Digital pelo artista André Sier que apresentará as suas obras “Ascende”, “Terrants” e “Gravidade” na fachada da Helder Alfaiate Galeria de Arte. Sábado 4 de Outubro das 20h às 24h.



Uma instalação interactiva onde o movimento dos visitantes influencia a […] sapo’s polygonization

Sapo is new, and taking the world for a spin, since october 1st. André Sier from studios was invited to produce a real time 3d polygonization, and here’s how sweet it looked.


sweet 3d installation at #sapo new logo unveiling. @celso talking in 2014 & its like 1984!

— André Sier (@as1er) October 1, 2014


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a glitch synthetic av art piece by André Sier celebrating 40 years of 25th April 1974.

iconic image of a girl placing a carnation on a soldiers’ gun is evolved using genetic algorithms on the image’s rgb channels.

sound is synthesized from current rgb […]

577Rhea – ios game

577Rhea is a space exploration game, filled with stochastics and smooth gravity physics.

the game features intuitive navigation, 25 stochastic levels, highscore on your device, and smooth endless planetary music.

find out more and watch a video here get it on the app store here




Edit: now available for android!


terrants – ios app

terrants is a luscious black and white generative drawing app, made in 2007, now available for apples mobile devices. don’t miss out on the special introductory price (ending 2nd dez). android port should follow shortly.

terrants features two ant teams which alternate their screen presence over time, making continual drawings evolve from white to […]

Temporary-Babel3D @Medialab Prado

Temporary-Babel is an interactive game installation where you play in the mind-scape of the Tower of Babel construction set – a space where time oscillates and perspective bends.

Temporary-Babel is synthesizing temporary constructs upon the archaeological movement of rebuilding the Tower of Babel, since 2012, in the piantadelmondo series by André Sier.




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#gallery-1956-4-slideshow .slideshow-slide img { max-height: 410px; /* Emulate max-height in IE 6 */ _height: expression(this.scrollHeight >= 410 ? ‘410px’ : ‘auto’); } /* Temporary-Babel2D 201304 a game by Andre Sier licensed under CC-BY-NC 3.0 downloaded alpha version for ludum dare #26 2013-04-27,28 game notes: uses microphone, keys […]

Apex (0 pyramid), autómato universal, Autómatos Universais, uunnii-time & devving joysticks @ Hardware Freedom Day @ (20th April 2013)

Hardware Freedom Day (#HFD) at AltLab was a really nice day. Lots of member projects being presented, lot’s of ideas sharing, and many people attending the event. AltLab member André Sier also presented some related open harware projects and devving material for upcoming projects. A nice photo report by Mónica Mendes is here

This […]