Esculturas Generativas @ Lisbon Mini Maker Faire

19,20,21 September, André Sier had the pleasure to exhibit “Esculturas Generativas” (Generative Sculptures) @ Lisbon Mini Maker Faire, featuring new and old special code to algorithmically generate sculptures printed on plastic on a modified prusa 3d printer.

Series shown include Autómatos Universais, Heliades, Sol, and a recent and fun code that took over […]

‘Autómatos Universais’ @biblioteca ISCTE

Autómatos Universais Esculturas e Código generativo

André Sier

ISCTE-IUL. Biblioteca. Exposição. 21 de Outubro a 7 de Novembro 2013


Temporary-Babel2D + Apex (0 pyramid) + autómatos universais @ convento de santa mónica, graça, lisboa

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Temporary-Babel2D + Apex (0 pyramid) + Autómatos Universais + autómato universal na colectiva “Desdobramento, enfim” Convento de Santa Mónica Graça, Lisboa Junho 2013 curadoria: Laboratório Galeria


Apex (0 pyramid), autómato universal, Autómatos Universais, uunnii-time & devving joysticks @ Hardware Freedom Day @ (20th April 2013)

Hardware Freedom Day (#HFD) at AltLab was a really nice day. Lots of member projects being presented, lot’s of ideas sharing, and many people attending the event. AltLab member André Sier also presented some related open harware projects and devving material for upcoming projects. A nice photo report by Mónica Mendes is here

This […] & outras máquinas – espaço do tempo – festival cidade pre0cupada – imagens & outras máquinas

Instalações de André Sier

Convento da Saudação, 23 a 30 de junho 2012 Convento de São Francisco, 29 e 30 de junho 2012 Montemor-o-Novo

produção o espaço do tempo,, oficinas do convento


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3d printing, printing, coding and printing

just uploaded a free small batch of 3 3d prints series i have been working on to my thingiverse. these models are available for your printing pleasure, to cluster up some space in your space. i’ll be releasing more 3d prints that you can buy in the near future. let me know if you […] / +º-1

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