code updates

i’ve been building some building blocks for my codex art work in processing, openframewors, max, pd. as some of you might be aware i am moving my code repositories to currently there’s a masterclass in processing — intro to simulations, games, audio and video fun, some of my processing libs, one addon for […]

wks, wks, wks, pre-summer 2011

just a post to gather some of the recent workshops i’ve been orienting in the exhibitions 64-bits & & altlab, prior to the summer 2011. most about,, using my installations as background noise.


@ 64-bits, exhibition @ who galeria, i oriented two workshop. imagem-movimento & 64-bits


Tudo se movimenta. O […]

32-bit difference machine – arduino firmware

for 32-bit difference machine i developed a simple firmware on the arduino side to control two servo motors and one. it had to be lightweight and fast, to withstand continual changes at 10-30fps.

here is a video of the piece working built on the 64-bits wks day (may14th) @ who galeria during my 64-bits exihibit.


k. @ appleton square ⁄ ,media

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