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struct_5  is an interactive device that captures and interferes with the sound and visual motion that occurs in a site-specific space. the installation creates an image of movement of the space into a forest of video planes that  sculpt three dimensional space. the data gathered from the movement controls the broadcast of sounds being sampled real-time from the microphones. (2006)

approximate dimensions 2.1x3x2m 
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(piece installed during exhibition 'sound visions' at sala do risco, lisboa, june 2006 / photos: nuno morão)

(piece installed during exhibition  'art escapes' at instituto tecnológico informático, valência, spain, april 2007 )

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(piece installed during exhibition 'struct_4 + struct_5' of bang festival, at  watermuseum (reservatório da patriarcal), lisboa, april  2008)

struct_5 @ lisbon watermuseum 08 from Andre Sier on Vimeo.

another video @ sound visions