577Rhea press

	577Rhea – Stochastic exploration space game by André Sier

Kill Screen
	577Rhea is an geometric, glitchy, and maybe beautiful  


You are your planet's last hope. 
Your corrupted planet explodes. 
You have to time-travel through blackholes 
with primordial essences to prevent 
the inevitable collapse of your home.

Navigate through stochastic levels 
to win your game. Different every time 
you run the game. 

Stochastic exploration space game, with 
smooth gravity physics. 

Will you succeed in guiding 577 Rhea 
to its home ? 

577Rhea features: 

* * intuitive swipe based navigation * * 

* * 25 stochastic levels * * (soon to be expanded to 100+ ?) 

* * hiscore on your device * * 

* * endless generative planetary music * *

Thanks to Ferdinand Meier, Maurício Martins for
 prototyping ideas and help during #ggj2013

Keywords: asteroid, space, explore, 577, gravity, 
physics, stochastic, generative, game

577Rhea 1.0 for iOS built at s373.net/x studios
27 nov 2013.

577Rhea 1.0 for Android built at s373.net/x studios
21 dec 2013.

577Rhea part of piantadelmondo.info series.
 download alpha version developed at global game jam 2013 there.

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