ArtEscapes, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (es),
11 de abril - 18 de maio 2007





struct_5 is an interactive device that captures and
interferes with the sound and visual motion that
occurs in a site-specific space.

the installation creates an image of movement
(visual singularities) into a forest of video planes
that sculpt three dimensional space. the data
gathered from the movement controls the broadcast of
sounds being sampled real-time from the microphones.

by registering and reproducing sounds in loco,
struct_5 disturbs the normal order of time flow,
drawing breaches that unveil prior moments with
which one may interact now.

the user may quasi-draw a shape of sound occurring
in space, where the amount of movement, the
singularities of the difference between the stills
the camera captures from person interaction,
returns, more on the left or right woofer, the
result of a continuous confluence of sound flows
from previous moments.