(external objects max msp jitter)

(keywords: 3d synthetic motion physics sonic undulation)

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    version 0x10b10 (016b10) / 20071027 / (universal binaries build)

        for max, msp, jitter
        comments, info, bugs, requests appreciated
        mail _at_ s373.net
by andré sier / www.s373.net

this is small growing externals set for max msp jitter by cycling74.
ranges from utility objects to some 3d synthetic motion physics sonic undulation

install notes:

-    move the folder 'a-objects 0x10 ub' somewhere max knows of
    (under options menu, select file preferences)

-    copy 'a-objects 0x10 overview.pat' to max/patches/extras


update 20110722: src is now available @http://github.com/s373, license for my max objects collections is since now G P L v3 ( http://gplv3.fsf.org/ )

the a-objects are licensed under gnu-lglp. a previous version used the creative commons license, but somehow the previous lgpl use suits fine from now on.

the a-objects have moved from sier.risco.pt/code/a-objects to s373.net/code/a-objects

if you'd like to donate to this project, please use the paypal link s373.net/code


__history / changes vs.0x10b10__20071027

- - universal binary build
- - fixed bug in inserting values to code in a-celerador
- - fixed init bug in a-gaussnoise~
- - new msp synthesis objects: a-lorenz~, a-pt~, a-random~, a-randomwalk~, a-rednoise~, a-rossler~, a-spring~, a-string~
- - new jitter gl obj: gl_terreno
- - fixed bug in a-azi2360 and a-3602azi on intel side
- - fixed bug in a-a on intel side
- - fixed bug in a-delta on intel side
- - fixed bug in a-flu on intel side
- - fixed bug in a-mmm on intel side
- - documentation of objects

__history / changes vs.0x10b9__20070703

- - universal binary build
- - conformed a-dbap3d like a-dbap2d
- - updated a-circulo (float & bangs now sync in space)
- - fixed bug in a-line2d on intel side
- - fixed bug in a-line3d on intel side
- - fixed bug in a-lissa on intel side
- - fixed bug in a-elips on intel side

__history / changes vs.0x10b8__20070420

- - universal binary build
- - modified a-rand algo
- - extended a-dbap2d
- - fixed a-circulo and a-kinema in intel side
- - fixed bug in a-smooth <float> on intel side
- - fixed bug in a-polys on intel side
- - fixed types bug in a-waiter
- - improved a-jit.human
- - previous fixes made to the following:
        a-rand takes seeds
        a-kern3d help file fixed
        a-hspline3d fixed post on calc method

__history / changes vs.0x10b7__20060930

- - universal binary build
- - new objects make the distrib: a-jit.human, a-colide
- - fixes made to the following:

        a-smooth takes 2 smooth up down arguments
        gl_ruttetra fixed!
        a-waiter om 0 fixed
        a-hspline3d stack method was broken under max 4.6 with deffloats, replaced with A_GIMME and is working great

__history / changes vs.0x10b1__20060828

- - universal binary build
- - new objects make the distrib: a-dbap2d and a-dbap3d (extended from trond lossius' tl.dbap), a-distance, a-camera, a-waiter

__history / changes vs.0x0D__20051020

new objects:
    a-fifo: first-in-first-out method for groups of y points in x dimensions
    a-hspline3d: hermite splines interpolation method in 3 dimensions
    gl_grid: makes a 3d grid
    gl_ruthetra: translates a 2d jitter char uniplanar matrix into a 3d surface
    a-hemisphere: maps a xy list to a hemisphere
removed objects:
    a-fifo3d4: superceded by a-fifo
    a-colisão016: buggy colision detection; removed until a better thingie comes
    a-espelho: no need for a mirror coordinates object
    a-ber: better a regular 3dheading obj
    a-3dkernel: getcombined message fixed
    tiny mods in help patches
    a-line3d: stack method à lá a-hspline3d

    fix assist message in all gl_* objects
    gl_terrain: dynamic dimensions
    gl_grid: error messages in max window are deprecating performance (bypassable with js)
    gl_ruthetra: dynamic dimensions
    a-a: outputting result+1
    a-ber: replace with simple atan2 (though a 3d one might be better to replace with)
    a-cloud help file
    seed a-rand

__history / changes vs.0x0B__20040807

- - new objects make the distrib: a-3dkernel, a-proj, a-perp, a-cloud,
a-plane, a-gaussnoise~;
- - a-cam got a major speed boost due to avoiding sqrt calls on the
normalizing of the vectors;
- - the overview file has _not_ been updated;

__history / changes vs.0x0A__20040520

- - new objects make the distrib: a-pt2plane, a-terr, a-12many, a-delta,
a-cam, a-grav;
- - a-mar now supports grids of 100x100km;
- - fixed import bug in the terrain objects; now supports custom grids;
- - fixed many relevant bugs in calculations over a bunch of objects;

__history / changes vs.0x09__20040418

- - a-chng replaced with a-change;
- - gl_terrain and gl_terrain2 max dim size expanded to 256x256 grids
for finer resolution;
- - a-rand has been changed due to random repetition issues;
new simpler only list method to define the output range of values;
all is random when you cant find the link;
- - fixed init arguments lookup in geometry objects; it was kinda buggy;
and a-lissa's help patch as well;
- - remade a-azi2360 and made a-3602azi (with aliases like a-360toazi
and a-azito360);
- - added a method alias on a-hv;

__history / changes vs.0x08__20040406

- - fixed wrap, fold functions, they were overflowing, all works now
nicely in a-map;
- - new: a-azi2360;
- - fixed a-line2d and 3d so that they implement poly points response
and they ended up working something like line and bline;

__history / changes vs.0x07__20040402

- - fixed geometry objects input args; now all operate seamlessly;
- - new geometry objects: a-line2d, a-line3d; a-pad;
- - fixed hv over 2 args;

__history / changes vs.0x06__20040330

- - chaotic objects have been moved to the A-Chaos Lib, available at
- - new object a-smooth
- - a-hv has been touched; a-swarm as well;

__history / changes vs.0x05__20040217

- - first OSX fully compatible version!
- - new objects (a-swarm, a-polys, a-hv, a-count, a-elips, a-lissa,
a-rand, gl's)!
- - some objects from previous versions disappear (a-alea,
- - the nato objects are now obsolete and unsupported, but available at

__history / changes vs.0x04__20031209

- - os9 only, like previous versions;
- - minor code changes;

object listing and short description:

a-12many        1 float to a list of many floats
a-2quad         convert a 3d point to a quad with rotation
a-3602azi       convert angles system 360->azimuth
a-3dkernel      compute a 4x3 matrix kernel with 3d transforms and outputs transformed points
a-a             returns golden proportion
a-azi2360       convert angles system azimuth->360
a-cam           1st person 3d camera navigation
a-camera        quaternion based camera
a-celerador     thrust physical model
a-change        output i,f,l only if change within fuzzy
a-circulo       outputs a circle <xy> momentum
a-cloud         point mass study
a-colide        see if spheres colide with player
a-count         a floating counter
a-dbap2d        distance based amplitude panning in 2d
a-dbap3d        distance based amplitude panning in 3d
a-delta         difference from previous input: i, f, l
a-dir           calculates azimuth, elevation and distance from 2 sucessive 3d points
a-distance      ndim distance estimator
a-elips         outputs elliptical <xy> coords
a-fiddle        (pos, amp) list building
a-fifo          first-in-first-out method for groups of y points in x dimensions
a-flu           microbes on floats
a-gaussnoise~   msp gaussian noise generation
a-grav          orbit around a point
a-hemisphere    maps a xy list to a hemisphere
a-hglide        list compression/expansion
a-hspline3d     hermite splines interpolation method in 3 dimensions
a-hv            map a point to a rect horizontal vertical
a-hypercube     hypercube xyz coords
a-jit.human     get human coordinates from video stream
a-kin3d         3d conjugates
a-kin3ma        2d conjugates
a-len           lenght to
a-line2d        bidimensional line momentum
a-line3d        tridimensional line momentum
a-lissa         lissajous xy pattern generator
a-listscramble  shuffle the elements of a list
a-map           another linear mapping
a-mar           wave propagation
a-mmm           min, max, mean of a stream of numbers
a-pad           entwine a list with values
a-perp          calculate the perpendicular vector
a-plane         calculate a plane from points
a-polys         0-1 stream to multiple selections
a-proj          calculate the projection of vector q onto p
a-pt2plane      point to plane distance
a-radial        drawing circularly aid
a-rand          rand numbers mapped to intervals
a-smooth        one pole low pass smoother on i, f, l
a-spring        a spring
a-spring+       a better spring
a-swarm         a swarm of bees
a-terr          a terrain model in max
gl_grid         simple jitter 3d grid
gl_grid.js      simple jitter 3d grid
gl_kinescope    imax cinema for gl
gl_ruttetra     rutt/etra synthesizer emulation: mono-channel matrix to surface
gl_terrain      gl 3d terrain in jitter
gl_terrain2     gl 3d terrain in jitter

latest versions

mac ub:  a-objects 0x10b10 (universal binary build, built 20071027, works on max 4.5 and 4.6)

pc:  a-objects 0x0Cb2 (old 2005 version that works on pc, works on max 4)

mac cfm:  a-objects 0x0C (a final 0x0C version, better than pc build, works on max 4)


mac ub : a-objects 0x10b10 (universal binary build) : download here (754.5 Kb zipped dmg file)

pc : a-objects 0x0Cb2 (old 2005 version) : download here (1,1Mb zipped file)

mac cfm : a-objects 0x0C (cfm code) : download here (270 Kb zipped file)

documentation: a-objects doc (v.03c) : pdf here (1.3Mb)

src : a-objects 0x10b10 src code available @ http://github.com/s373/a-objects_maxmspjitter_00-07

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