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Lampsacus @ emergencias 2012 from Andre Sier on Vimeo.

Lampsacus during opening of Emergências at fábrica Asa, Guimarães, 16th june 2012


Lampsacus is a playable city. An interactive visual environment where a virtual city is recreated, modifiable, inhabited by its human visitors, at the installation space, as well as computational resident agents in the three dimensional space. This environment is distributed in several playable points of view over the space of the virtual city which people can activate and navigate executing movements in front of the projection. The movement data, the continual difference between the images communicates interaction between the parameters obtained through computer vision and elements of the three dimensional simulation which are dynamically generated. The city grows, expands, contracts, edifies and rebuilds new geometries, opens vacant terrains, breathes with the motion of the people.

At the center of the interaction, at the center of Lampsacus, a construction in shape of abstract tower gathers memories of what it sees, self-organizes, and operates modifications in the space, executing instructions inserted by the intervenientes through their movements in the installation space. From this control center the visitors imprint modifications in the city with their camera tracked movements. The tower of Lampsacus shapes itself to the visitors, adjusts parameters, calculates, through interactions, orders of building and destruction of geometrical elements to the computational agents which evolute the actual shape of the space.

In this virtual city it is seeked a dynamic unbalance which induces change, spontaneous growth, interactive, by the citizens which inhabit and those who visit it, in a playful way. The graphics are primitive elements, abstract, made from lines and low resolution. The dynamics between the elements and the new geometrical shapes are the key element.

The concept and the title of this work comes from the intersection of two ideas: the glade which borrows the space to the geometrical growth of new shapes – Lampsacus was a coastal ancient greece city; and the new internet, formulated by Otto Rössler, the bomb, the free internet, the city of fluxes where we are all born from and inhabit it.