experimental computer art developped at s373's studios by andré sier.


s373.net/x // planalto de agenciamento maquínico // electronic art studios by andré sier





topological non empty space, separated, connected and locally compact

logic category of seeing at certain resolution

stryad nomadic polyexistence through a point of view


some constants that may shift slightly
(considering full immersion,
perpetual difference and being @the space same time)

c = 2,99792458*10^10 cm/s

h = 1,054589*10^-27 g cm^2/s

g = 6,673*10^-8 cm^3 g^-1 s^-2

e = 4,80324*10^-10 esu




André Sier is unravelling algorithmical threads, maze building time-spatial continual experiences and making a body without organs. Works with code, video, sound, 3d, sculptures, paintings, robots and the likes. Multithreader and multitasker weaver, kernel-like.

selection of texts and catalogues about André Sier's work:

selection of projects by André Sier


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grow tree's in landscape




s373.net/x art codex studios

s373 == 7 + iii == x 24('s') + 3 + 7 + 3 == 37 == x

planalto ---> espaço liso de intensificação de forças
agenciamento ---> acto de conectar
maquínico ---> tornado máquina      

plateau ---> force intensification flat space
machine ---> made machina
agencing ---> act of conecting

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more at http://uunniivveerrssee.net/datascape/arch/153