Human dragons playing in cyberspace
André Sier, Plymouth University | art codex studios

DRACO.WOLFANDDOTCOM.INFO is an interactive proto-videogame installation that immerses users personified as abstract dragons in a cathartic, stochastic, full body immersive videogame experience in cyberspace. The work attempts to playfully shift user consciousness towards non-human embodiment, by real-time 3D meshing the data from the human body into a mirrored abstract, ill-defined dragonic 3D shape. And by gifting humans with special virtual powers like flying and cusping fireballs, fighting for their progression in the game-space or facing annihilation, through invisible interaction camera-based technologies which will be exposed on this paper. Inside the piece’s virtual world, users play as endangered dragons in a XXIst century filled in with companies, dotcom’s, humanoids eager to stop the mythological beasts. The dragons progress in the game-space by inflicting damage to the city’s landscape. The stochastic-logical-game-space ascends in difficulty as the levels progress, slowly changing the joystick’s response into faster speeds and larger city-scapes, inducing the game’s ultimate goal of a cathartic ilinxian state of disruption and otherness in human perception.

game theory
interactive electronic arts
non-human embodiment
human computer interfaces
virtuality immersion