Structs for an Aspatial Quantum-Now

André Sier art codex studios | University of Plymouth


Interactive Electronic Arts, Synesthesia, Space-Time, Struct, Consciousness-Spaces, Aspatiality, Quantum-Now.


Human structure, in the now of the space-time fabric, has been a millennial subject of metaphysical constructs which try to account its full latitude, scope and mechanics. Concepts like Actual and Virtual, Time-Crystal, Immanence Plane (Deleuze), Gaia (Lovelock), Aleph (Borges), Dharma (Buddhism), seemingly attempt to look closely, feed-back and expose the perception mechanism on top of which the lowest levels of reality are perceived, also akin to the structure of the universe and life itself, at its tiniest and largest scales. Through the use of rules on programmed computers, which will be exposed and compared to metaphysical concepts, it is possible to create devices which set afoot first-steps towards practical experimentation and tangibility of such consciousness-spaces. Developed since 2000, the 11 works in the Struct series of audiovisual interactive installations, by sampling the now and raycasting traces from the past into the present, create aesthetic compositions and experience-spaces that pierce through the artistic realm into an experience-space which exposes an aspatial quantum-now.