Half-Plant is a bio-electronic hybrid, partly microelectronic processes, other part microbiological voltages. Connect your smartphone to the piece's WIFI 'Neon Paleolitikos', point your browser to, touch your phone's interface, and collaboratively with the plants, electronics and other humans influencing the ecosystem, hear the raw electronic sounds of the Half-Plant chanting. At Ler Devagar LX Factory, in FACTT Festival of Art & Science, 20th September.

Talk at Culturgest during FACTT, 22 September -- Half-Plant: A Genetical Bio-Electronical Aggregate.

Half-Plant emerges from the combination of Genetic Algorithms + Living Plants + Living Electronics = Bio-Electronic Aggregates.

The Arte Institute, in partnership with Cultivamos Cultura and Ectopia, has the pleasure to announce the II Edition FACTT - Festival Art & Science.

The Festival will take place in Lisbon from September 17 to 22. "Evolution" is the FACTT´s theme of this year in Lisbon.


September 17, 5.30 PM MAAT - Central Tejo - Sala dos Geradores FACTT´s Program Presentation Performance by Diogo Teixeira Drink by the River

September 20, 6 PM Livraria Ler Devagar Gallery Opening of the Group Show FACTT 2018

September 22, 2.30 PM Culturgest FACTT 2018 Talks Marta de Menezes, Isabel Gordo, Palmira Fontes da Costa, Thiago Carvalho, André Sier and Rachel Mayeri

Organization | Arte Institute

Partners | Cultivamos Cultura Ectopia

Support | EDP MAAT – Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia Culturgest Ler Devagar Pestana Hotel Group Herdade do Peso