André Sier exhibited one virtual reality installation ( Babylon) and two series of sculptures (Biological Sculptures, Binary Sculptures) at Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, during the New Art Fest 18, November December 2018.

Babylon is a continuous intimate transtemporal vr experience. Using abstract physics & unusual displacement, through a vr headset, sounds and intimate small movements, you are invited to wander like a-ghost in the midst of ziggurates & post anthropocene debris.

Binary Sculptures is a series of unique generative 3D printed sculptures created from data in files, programs and operating system processes. Looking at the operating system that executes programs on electronic substrates as living entities, Binary Sculptures Series features unique editions of printed sculptures that mesh binary files, programs and operating system processes and processes at selected data offsets.

Biological Sculptures features the meshification of raw electrical data captured from plants and other living aggregates. It is a fabricated 3d printed sculpture series which spawns unique three-dimensional object structures from digitized sequential electrical impulses obtained from living organisms. The sculptures voxelize living electrical flows data, which attempt to reveal invisible life stream flows present in every biological organism.