Consciousness Reframed XXI
bio-mind and techno-nature

The conference will look at the nature of artificial thought, and forms of intelligence in nature - charted through aspects of transdisciplinary creative practice and theory in our planetary culture.

Just as new paradigms of feeling and communication are beginning to form around our interaction with life at all levels of our perception, from plants and trees to fungi and bacteria, we may see matter as inhabited mind, media as necessarily moist, and technology as a tool of the Tao.

Thought is spreading through all our systems, places and products. We need cities that are not only smart but sensitive: schools that think, roads that remember, buildings that feel. art that is as much extra-sensory as interpersonal.

Our consciousness is both reframing and reforming.

Roy Ascott

Consciousness Reframed XXI. SENTIENT STATES: bio-mind and techno-nature. An international conference at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto, Portugal, 6-8th June 2019.

At Consciousness Reframed XXI André Sier presented Half-Plant at the exhibition, a talk and a forthcoming article to be published at Technoetic Arts Journal, 'Bio-electronic Aggregates on Neon Paleolitikos Strata', of which you may find the abstract below.

Half-Plant is a bio-electronic hybrid, partly microelectronic processes, other part microbiological voltages. Connect your smartphone to the piece's WIFI 'Neon Paleolitikos', point your browser to, touch your phone's interface, and collaboratively with the plants, electronics and other humans influencing the ecosystem, hear the raw electronic sounds of the Half-Plant chanting.

'Bio-electronic Aggregates on Neon Paleolitikos Strata'
Talk & forthcoming article at Technoetic Arts Journal:
Sier, André (2019), ‘Bio-electronic aggregates on Neon-Paleolitikos strata’, Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research, 17:3, pp. 215–28, doi:

Bio-electronic Aggregates on Neon-Paleolitikos Strata
André Sier art codex studios | Planetary Collegium

bio-electronics, cyber-environments, interactive electronic arts, non-human embodiment, human/non-human computer interfaces, neon-paleolitikos, mythology.

Electronic machinic phenomena yield fascinating links with biological processes. Either in macro-micro-structure of binary encoded information – bytes on media –, to the processual flow programs execute on hardware while operating it. Observing micro-electronic worlds as living entities: electronic voltages running throughout electronic architectures pipelining data to memory registers, operating systems executing programs on electronic substrates, data flows taking place in machines and in communications protocols within networks. Static art-sci constructs explore and visualize these observations as 2D drawings (Neon Paleolitikos Drawings, 2017) or 3D sculptures (Binary/Biological Sculpture Series, 2018), creatively exposing their inherent rhythmic organization of information, while dynamic installations propose immersive interference mechanisms which attempt user entanglement in non-human environments (, Wolfanddotcom, Half-Plant, 2017). Static-aesthetic-constructs allow contemplation of these phenomena whilst dynamic-art-sci-constructs propose interfaces through which one could immerse in this Neon-Paleolitikos strata. From a couple of videogames, set in a post-anthropocene epoch, where we fly-play phoenix embodiment simulator and hunt within bio-electronic wolf-packs building a network, using interactive immersive electronics as bridges towards non-human-otherness, animal-embodiment, cathartic gameplay. To an electronic-plant, broadcasting a wi-fi access point, operated by connected users smartphones, partly micro-electronic processes, partly micro-biological voltages, combined through dna genetic algorithms and user interference, exposing its data as sound which is fed-back to the Half-Plant as stimulus. This research proposes a look at bio-electronic aggregates on Neon Paleolitikos strata. After the Anthropocene, Neon Paleolitikos is an imaginary epoch dating since the decline of mankind until the zenith of bio-electronic life-forms: operational symbioses combined amongst ruins of silica, transistors, algorithms, cells, plants, animals, electricity.

Non-Human Human Art-Sci Constructs. André Sier works artistically with code and interactive media at studios, where he combines videogames, installations, painting, sculpture, music, mathematics and computation into objects and experiences of electronic arts, merging mythology, interfaces, generative interactive space-time continuums. In the past 21 years has produced objects and serial interactive work that playfully unravel time and space relations, synthesized on electronic substrates, shown at over 27 individual national and international exhibitions. André Sier is an electronic artist trained in sciences, arts, computing, with a degree in philosophy, lecturing in electronic arts, pursuing PhD in technoetic arts.