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interestrelar is an audio-visual device that broadcasts sounds of cosmic collisions, spiraling galaxies on black holes, through woofers with ink that make automatic galactic drawings operated by the occasional movements in the street. Interestrelar is a generative, infinite, irrepitable installation, a machine that generates space sounds from the analyzed movement from a vigilance camera, projecting ink from woofers to sheets of paper, performing abstract automatic drawings that recall space charts, placing the space reverberating cosmic sounds. (2009)

approximate dimensions 4 x 2.1 x 1m  
(camera situated +-  at 12m high from the place of the installation)

(click on images for better resolution)

(piece installed at 7 days project, space round the corner, teatro da trindade,  lisboa,  january 2009)

(images of some drawings made by the piece. dimensions 100x70cm)

(piece video at  round the corner, jan 2009)