Ant Ennae Videos

Vídeo HD, Cor, Sem som, 12’12’’

Ant Ennae Videos é um conjunto de momentos vídeo que relatam uma viagem rítmica visual ao interior do universo íntimo bio-electrónico de formigas e lasers. O vídeo traduz o resultado de montagens algorítmicas dinâmicas a partir de imagens capturadas no interior de formigueiros naturais, onde as formigas reagem a radiações laser provenientes de métodos computacionais e humanos.

Ant Ennae Videos is an ensemble of video moments which portrait a visual rhytmic voyage to the interior of the intimate bio-electronic universe of ants and lasers. The video translates the result of dynamic algorithmical assemblages obtained from images captured in the interior of natural anthills, where the ants react to computer and human generated laser lights.

The Arte Institute, in partnership with Cultivamos Cultura and Ectopia, has the pleasure to present the 3rd edition of the FACTT Show - Festival Art & Science in Lisbon. The Festival will take place in Lisbon from October 31 to November 26 at P28's space at Hospital Júlio de Matos.
FACTT Show in Lisbon
Space P28 at Hospital Júlio de Matos
Av. do Brasil 53, Lisboa, Portugal
October 31 - November 26, 2019

FACTT 2019 - (BE) COMING - An Exhibition of Experimental Contemporary Art about the impermanence of becoming permanent A transformation is an extreme, radical change. The unavoidability of changes is a constant awareness we have throughout our lives. We may not always be aware of it, and often just expend so much energy avoiding this “law of nature” that we forget that it exists and start thriving for stability. (BE) COMING is an exhibition about change, about the impossibility of not changing, about the perpetual impermanence and the process of becoming. As we become aware of the need to change in our world, on our planet in our lives it feels necessary to remember that life is a dynamic process. That life is a consistent process of transformation and adaptation, of becoming. Art, more than any other human endeavour is a reflection of this aspect of life and therefore the best way to remember the process of being something different, something else, something more, or something less, even while becoming ourselves. This year’s FACTT exhibition is composed of a series of works from different artists that makes us stop and reminds us of the process of becoming. commissioned by Marta de Menezes 2019 ARTISTS Alan Tod Alex May André Sier António Caramelo Artur Moreira Carla Rebelo Hege Tapio Hugo Paquete Maria Manuela Lopes Mark Lipton Marta de Menezes Miguel Palma Paulo Bernardino Bastos Pavel Tavares Pedro Cruz Pedro Ventura Suzanne Anker Tarah Rhoda Partners | Cultivamos Cultura Ectopia