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just uploaded a free small batch of 3 3d prints series i have been working on to my thingiverse. these models are available for your printing pleasure, to cluster up some space in your space. i’ll be releasing more 3d prints that you can buy in the near future. let me know if you are interested. email astronaut @ s373.net and he’ll beta you up with details for the upcoming releases.


the first series is from 2011, autómatos universais, from my uunniivveerrssee series, you may download the code and cook some up yourself.

or just download these ready to print sculptures:







  au-c thtwrf213982-17-50-15-12407-0.0-642-3.stl


the second series is 3d slit-scanning sculptures, made from portraits of people and live random life events whenever the code is running. these feature accumulation of movements from frame to frame into a 3d volumes.


  self portrait (video-difference-104a.stl)



and the final series is from my k. environments, the first series i printed on transparent pla. if you don’t know, k. is an abstract 3d game environment i worked on from 2007 up, making a 3d custom browsable cine-game engine . one free stl from a random portion of unlimited terrain.

  k. full 21



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