As Barcas — código — audio-visual-programming

for a recent collaboration with João Garcia Miguel, following our wales residency, i designed code and audio-visual programming for some of the scenes of his adaptation of “As Barcas” or “The Boats” by portuguese medieval writer Gil Vicente. in this tale, he chants about three boats heading to hell, purgatory, heaven, traversing typified society human disaster. the whole play is by the pier.

i built an application in openframeworks which handles all the scenes, and broadcasts the images to a video setup in touchdesigner which Rui Gato uses live to make the visuals.

the app features a sound responsive sun, meshy wireframe sea, cloudy rect sky, fast starfield travels, noisy particles and a camera which dances to interactions in hermite spline paths across the virtual scenario.

for the final heaven scene, Rui also uses the kinect to realtime mesh the bodies of the actors, in starfield and video backgrounds.

the piece was premiered at guimarães 2012, 6-8 jun, fábrica asa. it tours now to torres vedras (16jun), spain, italy, … see the dates at barcas page.

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